Welcome to the Website of the A. Hinske WarenhandelsgmbH & Co KG

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On the following pages you will find information concerning our company, our terms and conditions, our products, and payment information. If you’re interested in learning more about us or our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are a traditional family business specialized on providing highest-quality hides and leathers of all kinds.

Our company grew from a pure hide-trading business that supplied tanneries in and out of Germany with high-quality German bull hides from local slaughterhouses to a provider of wet-blue hides and crust leathers of German raw hides, tanned in German tanneries with cutting-edge technology and according to high quality standards and environmental requirements. This way, we can satisfy the high quality demands of the automotive and upholstery industry.

We cooperate with local German tanneries, such as Südleder, to ensure that our products are always processed according to modern requirements. Customers that need a constant and high-quality supply benefit from our knowledge about hide trading that has been built on many years of experience and is still the basis of our enterprise.


We know where the product – We know where it comes from

Therefore we are flexible to adapt to our customers’ needs and can minimize unnecessary cost.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION  is what our company is based on!